GSS - Generative Scene Script

--- Under construction and even the name is temporary ---

This is a scripting language intended for easily make maps for 3d games.

It can currently create Wavefront Object (*.obj) for static meshes.

It is currently in alpha development stage and latest version is 0.3.

Some current features:

The main idea behind the creation of 3d maps, is to define some lines and attach textures to them. The location is then moved and with a simple command the lines are pulled to the new place, leaving textured faces behind. In other words. A corridor would be made by defining four lines on vertical plane and the just moving around and a corridor is formed behind.

Example, simple corridor section:

l -.5,  0,  0,   .5, 0, 0, "floortexture" // floor
l  .5, 1, 0, "walltexture"                // wall
l -.5, 1, 0, "ceilingtexture"             // ceiling
l -.5, 0, 0, "walltexture"                // wall
push              // let's push our corridor prototype into storage
move 1         // move a step forward
pull // pull the lines to this new position and create walls

Simple! The shape need not to be 'pushed' to storage anymore, one could just move around, maybe rotate a bit and then just call pull.



Some Readme.txt dumps:

 * Rotations around multiple axis don't work as expected
 * Including same file multiple times is undefined



 * Version 0.3
   - 'repeat' structure
   - 'include'
   - normals

 * version 0.25
   - math and variables
   - quaternion rotations

 * Version 0.2
   - macros
   - global position

 * Version 0.1
   - lines and faces


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  including commercial applications, and to alter it and redistribute it
  freely, subject to the following restrictions:

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